Garden service

Mowing of lawn and trimming of edges

Turning of flower beds

Raking and sweeping of necessary areas

Removal of refuse related to the service

Sweeping/blowing of paved areas

Weed killing optional extra

Trimming and cutting of hedges and shrubs

Fertilizer – optional extra

Pool Maintenance

Brushing walls

Removal of floating debris and skimming surface

Application of required chemicals

Backwashing and rinsing filters

Leaf basket cleaning

Rubble removal

Removal of garden refuse, building rubble and anything else, and we clean-up after loading

Tree Felling & Garden Clean Ups

Both tree felling, pruning and once off clean ups forms part of our services offering. No project is too small or too large. We have specialist teams that will fell or prune trees to your requirements effortlessly and speedily.

Rock art

Curbing around the edgde of your garden, driveways, Water features, walls

Instant Lawn

Delivery and installation, site preparation and compost, all according to each client's requirements. Berea / also known as LM grass. It is an indigenous semi-shade lawn with a medium textured broad leaf with good heat and fair drought tolerance. It grows in both semi shade and direct sun.

General Maintenance, Handyman jobs & Painting

Any small maintenance in and around your house. No job too big or small. Coe'Lanie developed a relationship with many homeowners and agencies in property. We provide a much required services in general maintenance and cleaning of homes all at the same time.


Cleaning of houses – spring clean, once off clean-ups , windows, carpets ect. We provide a much required service in general maintenance and cleaning of homes

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